Monday, 30 September 2013

Plan for next few months

It's hard to believe I've been blogging since June. I'm not saying that because it's dramatic or anything: I look back on some of my old stuff and go "That's what I was writing back in June?"

I figured it was time to update you guys on my plans for the next few months leading up to 2014, since I've got an interesting idea for December that will have an impact on my writing for the next two months.

Throughout December, I'm going to review every single Judas Priest album that has been released so far. The Tim Owens stuff, Turbo, Nostradamus...all of them will get their turn in the spotlight and evaluated to see just what annoys the fanbase regarding them and whether such issues are warranted. Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith, Painkiller, Sad Wings of Destiny...all of them will get reviews on whether they are the masterpieces the fanbase holds them to be. Everything else in between...they'll get reviewed to see whether any of them are classics that are awaiting rediscovery or albums that should be quietly forgotten about.

Now, most people will be thinking "That's great, but how does that impact the blog?" Well, considering that Judas Priest have released a not unimpressive sixteen albums (and one of them is a double album), it's going to take me a while to sit down and get everything sorted in preparation for December, so I'm going to be posting less than I would like to in the build up to it. This doesn't mean I won't be posting anything until December, though: I'm planning on reviewing Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime and Green Day's American Idiot over the course of October and, for Halloween, Alice Cooper shall be welcoming us into his nightmare, with a double review of Welcome To My Nightmare and the sequel, Welcome 2 My Nightmare (yes, I think that's a dumb title as well) gracing this blog. I don't have anything planned for November, but, considering that I've got sixteen albums to prepare to review, I think it's fair to say that I'll not be doing a lot. I've not got a schedule planned for the Priest reviews yet, but I'm toying with the possibility of doing an album every two days...

So, that's my plans up to New Year for the blog. Hope you enjoy what I put up and that you're looking forward to the Priest reviews! I know I'm looking forward to writing them: Judas Priest are one of my favourite bands and it's a great opportunity to look in more depth at their history while I'm at it, so I'm eager to get started and examine the evolution of the Metal Gods!

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