Friday, 20 December 2013

Quick update regarding 2014 and remainder of 2013

So, some of you are probably wondering when I'm going to be back to writing stuff on the blog. Well, I have some good news, some bad news and some news that would only be bad if I was sticking to a schedule.

The good news is that I have been working on some stuff for the blog! However, the bad news is that, possibly as a result of the news I got (which I will not share, as it's something I'm doing my best not to think about at the minute), whenever I've been writing, I've noticed my writing has been incredibly negative, even for stuff which I've started with the intention of being fairly light hearted, so I'm still taking time off from writing until I feel I can get back to writing without suddenly going into territory that is far more critical than I feel is my usual standard (since I was being horribly unfair to the bands I was writing about, which is not how I try to be when writing stuff: after all, to get signed in the first place does require some luck at the least and recording an album can be a tough process. I did it once when I was part of a folk music band and, let me tell you, if you think you can just go in, play and then walk out, you're horribly mistaken: even if a producer just wants the best take and doesn't demand a perfect performance, you still have to do multiple takes and be doing your best throughout the whole recording!).

So, what is the other bit of news? Well, I mentioned back in my semi-review of Day Of The Doctor (which I honestly wish I hadn't published now, as I didn't really go into the level of detail a review of any level required, but that's another matter entirely) that I have some acting training. Well, on Wednesday, I went to an audition for a piece of theatre being done by a friend of mine and I've just discovered that I have got a part (a small one, it must be admitted) in it! While I don't know the exact schedule for it yet (I'm guessing I'm getting that sometime after Christmas), it does mean that some of my normally bounteous (overly bounteous, truth be told...) free time is going to be cut down while I'm learning lines and attending rehearsals, so I may be posting less than I would like to. Still, considering I originally started this blog to give myself something to do in my free time (and barely used it...), it's good that I'm finally doing something. Plus, who knows? If I do a good job, I might well find I have a chance to start an acting career, which I'd been considering giving up the possibility of doing due to limited contacts and preferring to write (and sing) instead...

So, that's the situation as things stand. I'm working on writing stuff for the blog, but most of it feels like it's being too harsh for me to feel comfortable that I've truly got over the news I got last week. I'm sorry to say this (and I really didn't want to do this), but this does mean that the Judas Priest review I was wanting to do is going to have to be pushed back to sometime in 2014. As a consolation, I shall post the unfinished reviews I was doing for "Operation: Mindcrime", "American Idiot" and the two singles reviews I started on the last day of 2013, completely unedited from their current state (including a picture that I took for the "American Idiot" review that you might as well have a laugh at). It's not really making up for everything, but it should give you an idea of why I pulled the plug on the first two reviews and why I'm not confident in returning to writing before 2014.

Hopefully, I should be back to writing stuff in January. I do want to do a review of Ed Sheeran's song for The Hobbit soundtrack, as I've loved listening to it, so you might find that that's what I'll be returning with! As with last time, I wish everyone reading this a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, as well as offer a thank you to anyone who has read this. I might not have been particularly good at getting stuff out, but I do my best to put stuff up that I feel I can stand behind. And knowing there are people who read it (whether it's because people find it genuinely interesting or because it's a good time killer is something I've not been able to determine. Probably a bit of both...) does at least make me feel that it's been worth all the time I've put into it (which isn't just how much time I've sat behind the laptop writing it: I often spend a good period of time before I start writing considering the issue I'm going to discuss). I hope I can get something resembling a schedule sorted for 2014, but, either way, I do have some stuff planned which I'd like to do, including a review of Boston's recent album to explain just why it doesn't stand up to the level of their debut...although I'll need to actually buy a copy of it first, so that might not happen until February!

Unless I somehow die between now and the 31st (which is not especially likely, but you never know, I might get abducted by killer potato men or something like that before then...), I'll be back in 2014.

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