Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Archievement Unlocked: 100 Views

Just a quick update article: my review of McBusted's single "Air Guitar" has just passed 100 views today.

...I have to be totally honest, I'm really surprised it's that article which is the first to have gained 100 views for me: it was pretty much just written in a few hours by myself because I thought "Well, I might as well talk about this". I wasn't even going to do it originally, as I had other stuff to do which I was working on and that just happened to come up! I also wasn't completely impressed with the final article when I looked back over it: I feel that I could have been a bit more descriptive with my review and I do feel that I missed some potential for a few more bits of humour in my review now that I feel like I'm writing with a (slightly!) better eye for where to place humorous comments. It's a good article, but I feel kind of like I've gotten famous on the back of a filler song from an album: it wasn't me trying to write at my best, just trying to get something done as soon as I could! I genuinely feel that I've written far better articles than that one, even in more recent times (...OK, maybe not the GamerGate and Anita Sarkeesian ones, I'll admit: those ones spawned from the gaming scene hitting a berserk button for me and I actually feel kind of embarrassed about the first article in particular connected to them due to just how angry and intolerant I sounded in it, with only the last two of the four articles feeling like they had some degree of professional writing ability connected to them!), so the fact that my most popular article to date is my McBusted review just feels kind of odd for me. It's not quite to the extent of me looking at it like my blog's "Cherry Pie", but the same basic thought process is behind it: I didn't write it intending it to be a big thing, it was just something I wrote because I thought "Well, McBusted have a new song, I might as well talk about it!" There was no expectation of being the first person to have a review up about it or anything like that: I just wanted to talk about it. That was really it: it was an article that I wrote just because I felt that I had to talk about the song, with no deeper thought behind it. I won't deny that I saw that there were very few reviews about it when I was writing my review of it, but I wasn't aiming to be the first voice about the track to be heard: I just thought it would be another article which would go up, get about 10 views (maybe 15 at most) and then be quietly forgotten like so many other articles before it. So having an article go past the 100 views mark which I didn't think would be any more popular than anything else I've done's really bizarre, as I'm not sure why it's become such a big deal in terms of views compared to my usual stuff! And, with no viewer feedback (not even a "BEST REVIEW EVAR!"), I'm honestly sitting here going "What the heck is going on?"

Still, it's obvious that something about that article has caught on with people (what it is, I honestly haven't a clue: for all I know, everyone kept coming back because they thought it was so entertainingly bad that they wanted to keep re-reading it in the same fashion that most people watch The Room!) and it's great to see that I've finally managed to pass 100 views for one of my articles after so long stalling in the 10's (sometimes not even that!), so huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read that article! As dismissive and rude as I probably sound in this article (I'm genuinely not trying to be, I'm just kind of bemused by the whole situation and trying to be as honest as I can be about the whole thing from where I'm sitting!), it's truly great to see that at least someone out there is interested in what I have to say and, while I still don't get why it's that particular article that has caught on with so many people, it's not like I can complain too hard about getting views when I normally barely get any! So thanks to everyone who has read that article: as bizarre a choice of article to keep revisiting as I think it is from my perspective as the writer of it, you're still managed to brighten up my day and I'm really glad to have people coming back to this blog!

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