Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Achievement Unlocked: 1500 Views

I've just checked my blog on waking up this aft- erm, I mean, morning, and I've noticed that I've just gone past the 1500 views mark.

While most of you doing the maths will have worked out that that basically works out to less than five views per day on average, I'm still glad to have got to that milestone, as I honestly didn't think I'd even make it to 1000 views before giving up due to a lack of interest in continuing blogging! So huge thanks to everyone who has ever read my blog: you've brightened up my day already! It's not been easy keeping this blog going (I've had offline issues to contend with for a surprisingly large amount of the time this blog's been up, on top of writer's block, internet issues and confidence issues slowing me down on more than a few occasions), but it's getting to milestones like that which truly make it all worth it! Sure, it's nothing major to celebrate, considering guys like TotalBiscuit, the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic no doubt hit that number of views within a hour or two of putting something out there, but, for a guy who doesn't promote his own stuff, does it on a strictly amateur basis and has no real fan base (to my knowledge, at least), that's still a good achievement to hit!

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